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Conditions of Sale

Date: I, (“Buyer”) at the address of                                                                               , enter into this puppy contract with AKC Heaven Sent Puppies (“Breeder”) with full knowledge that once a puppy leaves the premises of the Breeder, Breeder will no longer be responsible for the life, health or welfare of the puppy (including medical expenses, mortality, landlord’s disapproval, allergies to the puppy, disagreement of family or any other reason). I, the Buyer have personally checked the puppy thoroughly and find no fault with this puppy. I, without any pressure from the Breeder to buy the puppy, have purchased the following puppy:

Breed: Microchip #:                                                                 Age:                                                      
Birth Name:                                                                             Color/Markings:                               
Dam:                                                                                       Sire:                                                   Sex:                                       

This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale, and has had its first shots/de-worming. This puppy is not guaranteed as a breeder. It is being sold as a pet quality puppy and is warranted for the purpose of being a companion animal. The Buyer has a health guarantee of 72 hours in which to have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian, and is urged to do so. If at this time the puppy is determined to have a health problem that is detrimental to the life of the puppy (excluding parasites, reproductive organs, genetic defects, hernias, the absence of testicles, trick kneecap, patellar luxation, cherry eyes or collapsing trachea or any other disorders caused by environmental factors, for these are not life-threatening disorders), provided a letter from the examining veterinarian, is offered as evidence of the dog’s condition. Breeder is also not responsible for hypoglycemia or diagnosis of Coccidia, Guardia or other types of bacterial infections as, the seller has no ability to administer any type of care once the puppy leaves the premises. If the puppy is determined by the Buyer’s veterinarian to have a life-threatening condition, the Buyer may return the puppy to the Breeder within the guaranteed period of 72 hours (with proper vet documentation). Upon that time, the Breeder will have the puppy checked by its vet as well and then the condition of the puppy will be determined. An exchange or refund will not be given until the Breeder’s vet gives its diagnosis. An exchange or refund may or may not apply depending on the diagnosis of the puppy. The Breeder is not liable for any charges or payments of vet fees, etc. If exchanged, size or color of puppy is NOT guaranteed.

The consideration for this sale is the total sum of $ as the full purchase price. If for any reason the registration papers (if applicable) have not yet been processed, the Buyer is guaranteed to receive registration papers (if applicable) with any puppy purchased from the Breeder as soon as the Breeder has obtained them from the kennel club, unless otherwise specified.

Buyer has received papers at time of sale (Yes, No or Not Applicable)

Please indicate here if the puppy is a registered puppy (Yes or No).

Also, puppies cannot be returned for any reason other than as mentioned above. If for any reason Buyer cannot keep the puppy but wishes to find a home for the puppy, the Breeder will (if desired) take the puppy (at no charge to the Breeder) and Breeder will take responsibility in finding a home for the puppy. There will be no refund to Buyer for healthy puppies returned.

I have read the above and agree to abide by said conditions. Breeder also recommends that if the puppy you have purchased is very tiny, that you give it ¼ teaspoon of honey, white Karo syrup or Nutri-Cal daily until puppy is 4 months old. (This is only for small breeds).

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