Available Chihuahuas 
Chihuahuas are the sweetest little pups!  Despite the use of the term teacup Chihuahuas, there is no such thing (it is simply used by some to seek inflated prices).  There are only two types of Chihuahuas, long coat and smooth/short coat.  Their colors vary from black and tan to white, to blue fawn and merle, and some are even spotted.  They grow in height from 6 to 9" and typically weigh anywhere from 2-6 lbs. 
Sammy is a white AKC male. DOB: 01/01/08
Steven is a black/tan AKC/CKC male.  DOB: 2/17/08
Pepper is a black/tan AKC male.
DOB: 01/01/08
Chipette is a blue fawn AKC female.  DOB: 9/17/08
Rhonda is a fawn/white CKC female. DOB: 3/27/07
Trigger is a black/tan AKC male.  DOB: 09/18/08

Tigger is a black/tan AKC male. DOB: 09/18/08 

Cowboy is a white and tan male chihuahua. DOB: 5/20/13