About Us

Together, Angela and her mother, Teresa have been in the breeding business for 8 years.  During this time, they have successfully bred and raised quality Yorkies, Miniature Dachshunds and Chihuahuas.  It has been their goal to provide nothing but the best in the business!  Now that they have achieved their goal, they are pleased to provide quality, healthy puppies and adults to the public.
AKC Heaven Sent Puppies 
Additional Information 

AKC Heaven Sent Puppies breeds and raises all puppies and dogs in their homes.  From the time they are born, they are given nothing but the best attention, love and proper health/nutrition.  Angela and Teresa spend a great deal of time with their pets to insure a smooth transition to their new owners.  Their animals are pampered and treated much like an additional family member.  For available puppies and additional information, please feel free to browse our site.  Thank you for visiting!
We never inbreed our dogs or use dogs for breeding that have been inbred by others; We place a high priority on providing a safe, healthy, clean and sanitary living environment for all of our dogs/puppies;  Our dogs/puppies will never be misused or abused; We will be honest about who we are and about the qualities of our dogs/puppies; Everything we do is for the benefit of our dogs and puppies, so as to fully respect the serious responsibility/pleasure it is to have them in our care; We will produce the highest quality pets possible; We will strive to find and place our dogs in a loving home for lifelong companionship; and we will establish and maintain excellent relationships with new puppy owners for the life of the dog.
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